Requesting a Weekend


once you've requested a weekend (form below)

STEP 1 - Complete the Weekend Request Form (below) and click "SEND". 

If the form doesn't send, double check that all questions have been answered. 

STEP 2 - Email a list of your guests and a current email address for each to: theshabbishack@yahoo.com

Each guest will receive an invoice from Square.com and may mail the invoice in with their check or pay online using a credit or debit card.

STEP 2 – Make a list of those interested in Massage, and length of Massage, then email to theshabbishack@yahoo.com as soon as you can so we can confirm with Tina

1/2 hour $40 - Hour $65 - 90 Minutes $85 


Deposits are half of the final amount and are due from each booking guest three weeks from the date invoices are sent to hold their spot. 

Final payments are due 4 weeks prior to your arrival. 

(Adjustments to due dates will be made based on time constraints)


CHECKS:  Make payable to The Shabbi Shack 

Mail Checks to:

Kim Bartunek

5032 NW 52ndStreet

Topeka, KS 66618



Paid securely online through Square.com


Up to 31 days before arrival: Apply Deposit to a new date (one time only), find a replacement or $30 Cancellation Fee Per Guest

30 days to 72 hours before arrival: Deposit will be forfeited unless a replacement can be found

72 hours or less before arrival: Full Payment will be forfeited, unless a replacement can be found

Refunds will be paid by check - Please allow at least 90 days for refunds to be dispersed. 

weekend request form

to be completed by group leader - all fields with *required

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